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Simplex Skins Photoshoot 2001

The Simplex Skins Outlet Store gets its sample photographs from our own group of lovely models. On location in luxurious locals, they model the latest fashions from Simplex Skins. However, not all is fun and games on a Simplex Skins photoshoot, as some of our best models recall below!

NOTE: The following pics are for entertainment and display purposes only. They do not portray actual screens from The Sims or any other part of The Sims programming.

Download the head skin textures for these models! (contains heads for these five Sims in one zip file!)

"It was still early in the morning and freezing cold. Our crazed photographer wanted me to sit on this rock and model some skimpy piece of rag or another. I said, 'No buster, you're getting the Blue Denim Outfit for this shot as its so bloody cold, this outfit will go with my skin!"

-- Sasha C. Indigo (aka. Ms. SCI)

"That crazed photographer of ours sees this waterfall, and off we go to get a shot on it. So, I sit down on this tree. Its like, wet! The moss was soaking wet and it just soaked my skirt. Not to mention it was a cold day. Worse still, I only had one other outfit in the bus, and it was for a Rave Costume Party shoot later that afternoon so I had to walk around for the rest of the day looking like Cindy Lauper!"


- Luann DeFleur

"I looked at that crazed photographer and said 'Kona Black with a haystack?!?' and he cackled madly 'YEAH!', so I took the shot. I hate it. I'd burn all copies of it if I could. I look like I had a wild night out on the town in an evening dress and woke up under a haystack the next day. I could die from embarrasment!"

-Mitsy Braddock, late of Neighborhood 2.

"So, we're driving around in the bus when we pass this airshow. Our crazed photographer screams 'Airshow!' like if it were Sachs Fifth Avenue or something. We stop, get out. He has me go over by this airplane. 'The guys will love this shot!' he giggles manically. I don't know if the airplane angle will help sell our product, but, anyway, I stand by the plane for three shots. In the end, the editor didn't use any of them. Not because it was a stupid idea, but because she wanted to save the shots for our special "SimCity Airshow Special."


- Mary Waterfield

"'You have got to be kidding!' I said to that crazed photographer. 'Lay down in some bushes by the side of the road?' 'Ecology is a powerful angle these days!' he babbled back, fiddling with his camera equipment. Oh well, I try anything once, so down I go and try to strike a 'sexy' pose lying in a plant. I think I drove the crazed photographer crazy for once though, as I was constantly brushing bugs off me as he was trying to take a shot. Those bushes were full of bugs! Good thing he didn't pick Mary, she hates bugs! On second thought, I wish he had...(laughs)"

- Tina Wu


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