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Games, Games, Games!

NEWS - Sunday, June 10, 2001

Introducting the new Simplex Forums for discussion of the games I am interested in and of the add-ons I have created for them!

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Over the years, I have spent more time on my computer playing computer games than is healthy for any person! I especially like RPG games, strategy games, squad-level tactical games, and 'resource management' games (like Sims) where you have to basically win by managing a city or family.

I especially like games where you can create things for it. Maps, battles, buildings, if its got a construction set in it, it'll probably end up on my computer. You can find some of these files I have created for various games below.

NOTE: While I do my best to create good things for these games, they were, in the first place, created for my personal use only. They were not created to be accurate, win prizes, or be famous in gaming communities. One or two of the things I have created *have* got some notoriety in various game communities, and this was a very nice thing to have happen! I created them as well as I could, and with no intent to blow up your computer or drive you insane from historical/game 'inaccuracies', but remember that you download from here at your own risk!

NOTE II - THE NEXT GENERATION: All downloads are in .zip format. You will need Winzip to unarchive them. You can find Winzip at

Rants, Raves, and Downloads!!!

Game Links

Century of Warfare - official site / game patches - designer Norm Koger's Homepage - a game site containing scenarios for Century of Warfare.

The Sims

MGON Sims General Forum - The main place where the Sim community chats!

The Sims Resource - THE #1 Sims Site in the World Wide Web! There is too much stuff here to list, including help files to explain how to add stuff to your game, and even create stuff.

The Wage of Sim - Great fan site. Has quite a spicier side to it, but all very good quality stuff.

The Well Dressed Sim - home of some of the best skin designers on the web, great objects, and The Sim Tabloid!

The Seven Deadly Sims - continually #1 on the top 100 Sim Sites List at The Sims Resource, and deservedly so. Fantastic objects and skins. Tons of incredible original stuff.

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